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He is mentioned several times throughout the series, but never seen fully until the end of Volume 3.She reveals very little and is very guarded about her past in New York City before she moved to Toronto.Free 2-3 day shipping and returns, 30 day price match guarantee.Stephen Stills is played by Mark Webber in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.The training included stunt training, pushups, kung fu training, as well as fight training.

Her discovery that Scott was cheating on her with Ramona causes tension between the two girls, sometimes culminating in actual fights, though later the two reach a level of acceptance of one another.Stephen is in a tumultuous relationship with Julie Powers, who at one point suspects that he and Knives may have a mutual attraction to one another.Shop the latest collection of ramones shoes from the most popular stores - all in one place.

He and Wallace meet while dancing at a club and the two are revealed to have been dating since Volume 3.Flowers By Yukie, offers fresh flowers and hand delivery right to your door in Wilmington.Scott William Pilgrim is the 23-year-old (22 in film and 24 in volumes 5-6) protagonist.

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It really is the story of a young girl figuring out where she fits in the world.By the end of the series, he and Stephen are revealed to be in a relationship together after Stephen realizes that he is gay and comes out.When they are defeated, they burst into several free beverage coupons.

Stephanie was a roommate of Stephen Stills while they attended university.He and Wallace move in together at the end of Volume 4 and he makes his first appearance in Volume 5.She initially idolizes Envy Adams, based on her success as a musician and her former relationship with Scott, but is soon disenchanted when Envy has her drummer Lynette Guycott punch Knives hard enough to knock the highlights out of her hair.In Free Scott Pilgrim, several poster images of Winifred come to life, apparently due to some ninja magic.He has a crush on Todd Ingram and finds Stephen Stills attractive.

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In the film adaptation, Ramona mentions that she liked that he was the only non-white, non-jock boy in school.

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He often dreams of stupid games until Ramona tells him to get a job.When defeated by Scott, she explodes into a cascade of woodland creatures, a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.She liked playing as Knives in that audition, so she bought the books and read them.The twins capture Kim Pine to lure Scott to them, pointing out in the meantime that Kim may still be in love with Scott.


She had to confront him after finding out from their mutual friend, Lisa Miller.

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As punishment for cheating on his vegan diet, they strip Todd of his powers, allowing Scott to finally defeat him.

She and Scott later discuss why they never acted on their possible attractions to one another in high school and through their discussion, Scott comes to terms with his feelings of genuine love toward Ramona.In the Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation shorts, Simon is voiced by Jason Schwartzman.Kyle and Ken are played by Shota and Keita Saito respectively in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, where they are instead DJs who engage Sex Bob-omb in a mystical amp battle during the semifinal round of the battle of the bands.The League of Evil Exes was founded when Ramona left Gideon for Toronto.Stacey is played by Anna Kendrick in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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He is caught by the Vegan Police for breaking his diet and has his powers taken away, giving the advantage to Scott.

In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the two officers are played (uncredited) by Thomas Jane and Clifton Collins Jr. respectively.In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Crash is played by Erik Knudsen, Joel is played by Maurie W.

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He is employed at The Happy Avocado vegetarian restaurant as a cook and later helps Scott get a job there as a dishwasher.Lisa then moves to California to further pursue her acting career and is given a big farewell dinner by the rest of the characters.