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Not sure but I would wait till your weekly coupon ads come out and then compare waht is offered on the e cards.Also, after you scan the card before check out you can not override it and use a paper coupon that has a higher value.And the person pushing the initiative will get extremely rich once the program spreads through DECA.They were not being offered or handed out anywhere in the store.

I print off coupons and the Randolph and Fort Sam commisaries will take them.Commissary Rewards Card Means Extra Savings. Tue,. because military commissaries will soon be offering a.

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I like the concept and hopefully we will see a bigger selection soon.Joint Base Lewis-McChord wife and avid couponer Kari Figueredo wants to change that.

Wondering about the commissary coupon policy?

Most commissaries offer various publications. military pay and benefits, commissaries.

Coupons For The Military. May 31,. You might not be aware that overseas commissaries accept manufacturer coupons that have been expired for up to 6 months.I went to the website and clicked through to the external company who is handling the program.One upside is that you can load every coupon on there, do your regular shopping, and scan the card and see if you have any coupons that match the items that you are buying.Commissary Reward card system is good way to save some money and easy way to use coupons.New Military Commissary Coupons For June 24 Updated: Wednesday, April 24th, 2013.Operation In Touch offers special savings, coupons, recipes, health and beauty tips and support to active troops and their families.

The BX and Commissary are two different outfits for a reason.The data may include all purchases on the receipt, not just the items coupons applied to.George, they are distributing the cards at the commissary stores.

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Kroger Company, the largest food chain in the US, has been doing this for quite some time.When you select the coupons you want to use, they are assigned to your card number in the system.

Find convenient information on couponing at the commissary here on my blog.For years, I have known about the policy that allows overseas commissaries to use coupons to be used for up to six months after the expiration date printed.

I was in the self check-out line and the ID checker handed me one.

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I am 69 yrs old and we did not have computers when I was in school.Bean counters way of making it look attractive but limiting your purchasing power.The scanning process recognizes the coupons that have been assigned to your account number in the system.As to coupons I really have not seen much that I use maybe 3 so far.During this time, only customers at these stores may use the card.